My Blessings Just Keep on Coming


My name is (insert your name) and I am a Christian! I know that Christ died for me and I feel it every day. I feel it when I wake up every morning. I feel it as I go throughout my daily routine, even if I have a hitch; and let me tell you….I have quite a few hitches during a day. You might say that I wasn’t late for work because my alarm went off or because my body clock wakes me up at the same time every day, but I know, it was a blessing! Yeah, that blessing woke you up so that you could hear/feel that alarm.

It was a blessing that made me have a flat tire and be late for work, all while there was a terrible accident on my usual way to work. I cussed and fussed all the way to work, plus I got my behind chewed out by my boss, but… my blessings just keep on coming! Yeah, my credit is jacked and my money is short, but I was able to feed the kids, the lights are still on and the water is still running. Oh, and my car has been on “E” for three days… my blessings just keep on coming!

A co-worker that I really didn’t care to much for, needed someone to stand in for him because of an emergency at home. He looked at me kinda strange when I said I’d do it. It meant that I would have to work extra time, with no additional pay, but it did my heart some good to know that I had helped someone. All the while, I know that God blesses those that bless others… my blessings just keep on coming!

By the way, I had a child support check in the mail when I got home. Haven’t seen one of them in years, but…….my blessings just keep on coming! How many blessings have you received today? I challenge you to count your blessings. If you can count them, I’d love to meet you… because I can’t count mine.