Pastor’s Aide Ministry

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry provides assistance to the Pastor and pulpit guest. The Ministry is available to assist the Pastor and/or pulpit guest with items of comfort and hospitality. The Ministry also ensures that the Pastor’s needs are met during outings.

Lead By: Bertha Brown

Trustees Ministry

The Trustee Ministry is responsible for managing the buildings, properties and fiscal affairs of the church. They ensure that all equipment is in good working order that will facilitate comfort during your worship experience.

Lead By: Sis. Dana Robles

Deacons Ministry

The Deacons Ministry was established as a support ministry for the church and Pastor. The Deacons are responsible for assisting the Pastor in providing spiritual guidance as directed by the Sr. Pastor. They also have the responsibility of visiting the sick and shut-in, and assisting the Pastor in things that he may require. The Deacons ministry also commune members who are physically unable to attend church. Our Deacons serve as mentors for young men within the body of Christ and the community.

Lead By: Deacon Willie Cook

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry is a support ministry for the church concerning onsite and offsite communion, and scheduled baptisms. They are also responsible for mentoring the young women within the body of Christ and the community. The Deaconess ministry is also responsible for mission projects assisting those that are in need.

Lead By: Sis. Sadell Crump

Angels of Life Ministry

The Angels of Life Ministry monitors the mental and physical health and well being of the congregation during worship services. They promote better health through training and/or counseling. All members are trained in some capacity in the medical field and use their background to serve the needs of the church and its congregants.

Lead By: Sis. Bettye Randle

Adult Usher Ministry

The Adult Usher Ministry (the Door Keepers) maintains the physical comfort for members and guest that make up the congregation. Duties include assisting with the handicap, maintaining cleanliness throughout the sanctuary during and after service(s) and maintaining order and church protocol.

Lead By: Sis. Thelma Jones

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Fellowship Ministry was established within St. John where men can come together spiritually within the body of Christ. The Men’s Ministry is used to teach and enhance the Word as it pertains to men of all ages through worship, fellowship, training and in-depth bible studies. It’s used as an opportunity to enhance spiritual growth through sharing the word of GOD, life experiences and testimonies, to glorify the kingdom of God. The Men’s Ministry encourages and mentors young men through all walks of life using God’s Word as the structural foundation.

Lead By: Bro. Kenneth Howard

Music Ministry

The SJMBC Music Ministry ministers to all congregants by enhancing the gospel experience through praises and songs. The Music Ministry consist of the mass choir, men’s choir, youth choir and praise team(s) which are used during regular services or programs, outings and funerals.

Lead By: Bro. Chris Williams

Youth Ministry

The Youth Developmental Ministry is a mentoring program developed by Pastor C. Edward Preston to enhance the overall social growth of the youth of St. John Missionary Baptist Church. This mentoring ministry will help recognize, develop and enhance the overall life skills that will help our youth become better citizens through Christian growth. This ministry will help divert our youth away from anything that will be detrimental to their life and Christian growth. This ministry will include, but be not limited to, church, outreach, and traveling social events that have been authorized by the Pastor.

Lead By: Bro. David Newman

Youth Ushers Ministry

The Youth Ushers develops those youth that have a desire to serve God’s house through ushering. Although this ministry is a part of the Youth Ministry, it trains youth in the protocols of various services and prepares them for continuing service as an adult usher.

Lead By: Cedera Newman